It is in the best interest of all business owners to get familiar with the fire safety law in Runcorn. Not only is it the responsibility of the business owner to ensure clients walk into a safe environment, but the owner needs to protect the employees as well. And in order to do this effectively, a proper Runcorn fire risk assessments need to be carried out on a regular basis.

Given that most fires can be prevented, this article will focus on what businesses need to know about fire safety law in Runcorn. It will also look at the risk assessment process, as well as the rules business owners should enforce in order to ensure safety for everyone. Of course, accidents happen and some fires cannot be prevented, but if the law is followed, the necessary measures will be in place to safely evacuate.


What The Law Says About Fire Safety

When looking at the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR), it is clear that business owners are required to execute fire risk assessments. And if the situation calls for it, they have to address these risks immediately.

Ultimately, the purpose of the assessment is to establish whether there is a potential danger, especially when highly flammable materials or chemicals are being used on the premises. In many cases, the fire risk assessment is done in conjunction with health and safety inspections. However, businesses can choose to have them done separately.

The Responsibilities Of The Business Owner

To get a better perspective on how much responsibility falls onto the business owner in terms of keeping everyone in the building safe, this is what needs to happen on a regular basis.

Proper Fire Risk Assessment

A proper assessment should be carried out by an experienced and certified professional. The professional will cover the premises and identify areas or materials that pose a fire safety risk. The professional will also take note of whether safety measures were carried out when the follow-up assessment is done.

Manage Or Remove Fire Risks

After dangerous equipment and materials have been identified, proper measures should be used to either remove or better manage the problems. In other words, the risk needs to be isolated, controlled and monitored at all time. It is the responsibility of the business owner to effectively make this happen.

Establish A Plan Of Safety

It is critical for businesses to establish a safety plan, just in case a fire cannot be prevented. This plan should be clearly visible to those who step into the building, as well as all employees that clock in. Emergency exits should be highlighted too, which ensures everyone can see them even from a relative distance.

Unfortunately, the fire risk assessment is not part of the business investment that generates a profit. But it does serve a valuable purpose in regards to keeping staff and clients safe at all times. Additionally, the law requires this assessment to happen if the doors of the business are going to stay open.